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Johnston's Gift Card - FAQs

Johnston's Gift Card

How can I purchase a Johnston’s Gift Card?

Email: sales@johnstonplants.com

Phone: (814) 897-1900

Fax: (814) 897-9800

In Person: At Johnston’s Corporate Office at 9865 Wales Road, Erie, PA 16510 during regular office hours.


When can I use my gift card?

Your card is activated upon purchase.


Where can I use a Johnston’s Gift Card?

Gift Cards can be redeemed for purchases at  Johnston’s Garden Center, 10000 Wales Road, Erie, PA 16510 or at Johnston’s Corporate Office, 9865 Wales Road, Erie PA 16510. 


In what increments can I buy a Johnston’s Gift Card?

Gift Cards can be purchased in any dollar amount ($USD).


Does a Johnston’s Gift Card expire or lose value?

No, a Johnston’s Gift Card will never expire or lose value.


Can I use my old Johnston’s Gift Card?

Yes, an old Gift Card can be reloaded with additional funds.


How do I check the balance on my Johnston’s Gift Card?

Balances can be checked by customer service staff in person or by phone at Johnston’s Garden Center (814) 739-2820 or at Johnston’s Corporate Office (814)  897-1900.


Can Johnston’s Gift Cards be used to pay for educational classes, seminars, or trainings held by the nursery?

Yes, gift cards can be used as payment for all JEN Ed classes, seminar and trainings.


Johnston’s Gift Card Terms & Conditions:

Gift Card is redeemable at Johnston’s Garden Center and Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery Wholesale Office.  Wholesale purchases are limited to Green Industry professionals with a registered account. Gift Cards have no expiration, fees, or declining value. Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash and are not a credit or debit card. Gift Cards can only be used for new purchases and may NOT be applied to existing account balances. All Gift Cards are non-refundable and non-replaceable. Protect your Gift Card like cash. Gift Cards are issued by Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery, Inc.




Download a PDF of the Johnston's Gift Card FAQs to print or share here.

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